Friendly and energetic volunteers are the life blood of a successful ReStore and we're sure you'll find the experience very rewarding.  We'll work with you and discuss your skills, interests and availability in order to find a the best possible fit within the ReStore. 

If you haven't already signed up as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer, check out our Volunteer Registration Page and make sure the check the box indicating that you are interested in working at the ReStore.   If you have already signed up as a volunteer, but would like to start assisting at the ReStore as well, just write an e-mail to and let us know.  

Below you'll find a list of the various volunteer jobs available at the ReStore.  We'll make sure that you get training you need to feel comfortable and knowledgeable in your job. 

General Help

There's no shortage of large and small tasks to be completed every day in a ReStore.  Restocking shelves, putting out new products, setting up displays, tidying, cleaning and helping customers are just a few examples of the day to day tasks that need to get done.



You're the first person the customers see and last person to wish them a good day after their purchase.  In addition to all the usual cashier duties, you'll also be able to share information with customers to  direct them to the section of the ReStore they are looking for and answer general questions about the ReStore.  We will train you on our cash handling procedures and the use of our cash register and credit/debit machines.

Product Tester


A ReStore gets donations from many different sources and we need volunteers to check those donations out before we put them on the floor.  Some tasks may be:  Cleaning a set of cabinets, verifying that an oven works properly, replace a belt on a dryer or helping to unload donations from a donor.


ReStore customers aren't just supporting Habitat for Humanity CK when they make a purchase, they are also getting a quality product at a great price.  Pricers are responsible for determining a fair price for the donations that come in by referencing our pricing guide or researching online.  You'll also be responsible for tagging products before they are put out into the ReStore.


One of the ReStore's many advantages is that we can come pick up donations as well as accept drop offs.  Our Drivers will periodically make runs in our cube van to pickup donations from one or more sites.  A Driver will be responsible for knowing what can be accepted and what cannot, they'll help load the donations and drive them back to the ReStore for off loading.  Drivers must be over 25 years old and possess a valid G driver's licence.

Salvage Crew


The Habitat for Humanity Salvage Crew is special purpose group dedicated to picking up large donations from within the community.  A typical task for the Salvage Crew may be taking down a set of cabinets and loading them into our truck or loading large items that take  more than a couple people to move.